nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting our blog. This is Yometa, who runs the Game mania blog.


I am a married man who spends his days comfortably. Now I live with my husband, Mosakichi the hedgehog, and two other hedgehogs. I love animals and have a corgi at home. I am struggling every day so that I can welcome a Pomeranian at home as soon as possible. Also, my husband and I are streaming games on YouTube. Basically, I stream monster strikes, and I also stream games that I’m playing at that time and play with viewers.


It will be a blog mainly about articles about Mosakichi, a hedgehog who lives with me. The main thing is to summarize the knowledge that I have acquired in order to solve my doubts, worries, and worries as I live with Mosakichi. I’m writing this article, including my experiences, in the hope that it will be a stepping stone for people who have the same problem.


It is a four-toed hedgehog that was born on June 10, 2022. We welcomed you on August 15th of the same year. The color is standard salt and pepper. The charm point is that the eyes are rounded.